SGIQ Organisational Structure for Postgraduate Studies

The Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIQ) requires each degree to have a quality officer (one individual) and a Quality Assurance Commission (CGQ) (a collective body).

The CGQ oversees the quality of official degree programmes and their correct implementation, management and coordination within the framework of the SGIQ at the UIB. It is responsible for analysing, monitoring and supervising student results and their learning process based on the most relevant indicators and information obtained in satisfaction surveys from the different parties involved, complaints and proposals, etc.

You may view the regulations governing the establishment and duties of the CGQ, as well as the commission members for each master's and PhD degree programme below.


  • 9993. EXECUTIVE AGREEMENT of 2nd November 2011 modifying Executive Agreement 9129/2009 of 7th July that establishes the quality assurance commissions (CGQ) for official degree programmes at the UIB and sets out degree quality officers.