Verification and modification of Master's studies

Royal Decree 822/2021, which establishes the organisation and quality assurance procedure for university qualifications, sets out the guidelines, conditions and quality assurance procedure for curricula leading to the award of official university qualifications valid throughout Spain. Said procedures involve verification of the curriculum for the programme as a requirement for its initial accreditation and registration in the Registry of Universities, Centres and Titles (RUCT), as well as monitoring, modification and renewal of previously granted accreditations.

In continuation of the the process to produce and approve master's programmes, and in compliance with article 21.6 of Regulatory Agreement 13866 of 23rd February 2021 approving the Regulations for the organisation of official university programmes (bachelor's and master's degrees) at the University of the Balearic Islands, and pursuant to the Agreement of the Centre for Postgraduate Studies' Management Committee of 19th July 2021, we proceed to the public display phase of the following proposals to implement and/or modify master's programmes:

How to file a complaint?

You may file a complaint with the CET (Curriculum Committee) for the degree programme via the Postgraduate Studies Management Unit e-mail, within the period in which the proposal is on public display.

The CET, with the UGEP's advice, will draw up a reasoned report in response to the complaints and send it to the interested parties.

Where applicable, the CET will amend and approve the proposed programme in accordance with the content of the complaints received, and will subsequently submit it to the CEP.